Reply To: NARSOL to North Carolina: Open emergency shelters to ALL


Soon the landscape of thing will include automated facial recognition devices. China has been using the technology for some time. It is quite distinguished from normal camera utilization for monitoring the general population. It is continuous search. A real dilemma concerning probable cause generated is on the horizon. In GRADYII we see the courts ‘ recognition of continuous electronic searches upon the citizenry. Individual LIBERTY is indeed under attack. The right wingers complains the most about their exclusions from social media companies lately, I say welcome to the boat. For the registrants, all of them, have no real political choice. Both parties claim the higher moral ground yet utilize the sexual innuendo of fact to schmeeeeeeeeer! Here in WI it’s R pacs are on T. Evers. Nationals news left on and on Brett Cavanaugh, high school sexual innuendo. So incredulously sick! When there is a meeting of barn witches Nancy P. & Diane F. fight it out for top witch. I’ll bet both are packing cobwebs!😂