Reply To: NARSOL to North Carolina: Open emergency shelters to ALL

Francis farmer

These are chaotic crowded places with many vulnerable people in them. This is the exact type of situation that predators and abusers exploit to their own sick ends.
I agree there needs to be reform. The two people I know on the registry go as follows : one was caught peeinv outside on his 21st birthday, the other had a two year age difference and still registers even though he has been married to the girl for ten years now. This type of thing should not happen. But what should also not happen is for people who tape and abuse to ever be let back out I to society.
The problem is the registry covers a spectrum, and people who pee outside when drunk are put in the same category and position as those who rape and abuse children. Either way, you should think about it some. Is it really that crazy that sex offendors are not allowed in these places? Would you really want them around your family?