Reply To: NARSOL to North Carolina: Open emergency shelters to ALL


While I know its hard to understand what people are going thru in the Hurricane area since I am up here in Virginia its a shame that one class of people are left out in all this evacuation and have to be separated. Does that sound like Man’s Justice or dictatorship justice. While I can’t not fathom a government that would do this it is above character for any person.

Of course government has always wanted to be right even when they are wrong. If you ask me a lot of this sex offender issue is a disaster and bias also. Their are legal things I could say about this but i will hold my silence on that one.

Its a shame families have to be detained anyway because of something like this but thats your Ameerican Goverment and reember your tax dollars at work. A lot of this sex offender stuff reaks of disaster.