Reply To: Passport revoked

Ron S

Today, September 14th, I was taking a 3 day vacation to Aruba, as it is a safe place to visit for SOs, I notified by law the registration department, paid for my flight and hotel. I arrived at Fort Lauderdale International Airport. I arrived at my gate for departure. Right before boarding, the person at the Jet Blue Counter called my name out and asked me to come to the counter. There were 3 US Marshall’s there who told me to come with them. They pulled me aside, took my current Valid Passport, and told me that I was not going anywhere, That I must apply for a New Passport with the identifier on it. I was told to leave the airport. I live in Florida, and I have NEVER received and notification to return my passport and get a new one. I have always followed the laws, but something is wrong here. How can my passport be taken from me when it is Valid, current, and I have registered my trip. I was humiliated, embarrassed, and sick to my stomach, but scared that I had done something wrong. When will this all end???