Reply To: NARSOL to North Carolina: Open emergency shelters to ALL


JEV, thank you for your concern. I’m not giving up, but it would be easier than trying to change things. I agree that they can’t take away our souls, but my dignity was stolen 14 years ago when I first appeared in court. I’ll never get get used to it because I was considered a hero before my offense and now I’m subhuman. As the rules change every year, it’s not even possible to get used to it. I don’t need therapy, I need a job until I reach retirement age. My so-called church kicked me out when I was arrested, long before my conviction. No church I know of, in Jacksonville, wants us. There is no solace to be had anywhere as I’m constantly on guard for physical attacks and spend sleepless nights waiting for my door to be kicked in, again, due to another scurrilous accusation by an anonymous coward. Little chance Floriduh will turn blue. Desatanist has too much power and money to lose. The house democrats are outnumbered 75-41 by publicans and senate democrats 23-16. Not trying to be negative, but the reality is there are not enough good people with power and money out there to make a positive change.