Reply To: How National Center for Missing Children exploits your fears


What’s even worse, in opinion, is that NCMEC is distracting the publics attention from the real danger. These two young children were not just abducted by an estranged parent. Their lives were in danger, and quite likely ended by their mother who was suffering from mental disorders.
It seems to be that quite often children are taken by parents, and while their lives may not be in immediate danger, these children are caused to suffer, as well as their families, by these abductions. And, instead of spending time, money and resources on finding these children, this institution and law enforcement have chosen to use these instances as propaganda against social lepers.
They say our crimes and lives are perverted, and that is why they despise our existence. But how perverted is it to allow innocent helpless children to suffer just so you can attack people you have moral disagreements with?
The true problem that society needs to wrestle with is that children are still pawns in out fights. No one, and I mean not one governmental or established entity has proved that they truly fight for our children. They only use them for political and social gain.