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PA: Extended registration periods under SORNA unlawful
September 13, 2018
Court ruling against retroactive extension of registration period for 19 individuals who were convicted before the enactment of SORNA – but resentenced to longer / lifetime registration under SORNA after subsequent probation violations. -Court Opinion-

“We are constrained to order that under Muniz, the trial court may not increase their registration requirements under SORNA. Consequently, we find that Muniz abrogates Partee, and agree with Appellants that the original periods of sexual offender registration and conditions imposed in each case be reinstated. The relevant facts and procedural history of these consolidated appeals are as follows.
Each of the nineteen Appellants accepted plea agreements to various sexual offenses prior to
SORNA’s effective date, which was December 20, 2012.
Under the law regarding sexual offender registration effective at the time of their plea agreements, two Appellants did not have to register as sexual offenders, and the remaining Appellants had to register for a period of ten years.”