When man first made law condoning this onerous equation!
Machine need>Human need = NULL.
If a state can constitutionally enslave a free man to the update or maintenance of said machine, a property, against his own will and dignity, then a larger more powerful FED can go how far with the USE OF device?

The database was a game changer! So America suffers a reset in favor of elites.
The sex offender suffers the long disembodied GENERAL WARRANT! Supported by certain moral authority commonly referred to as SCOTUS. Chief Judge Rehnquist comes from my neck of the woods. I know his socialist history. A study of historical Milwaukee is in fact based on socialist thought long before Bernie Saunders. The fix was in on this boondoggle. TWO PARTIES, BIG DATA & BIG LABOR! Each greatly profit, but that is what it takes to pass “Law”.

Who doesn’t understand SCOTUS was just used to redefine marriage? Seems to me that should be congressional duty! Course SCOTUS VIA DOE, authorized their constitutional role of handing out punishment and civil duties to those convicted to the legislative branch. FUBAR!