Reply To: NARSOL to North Carolina: Open emergency shelters to ALL

ALan Hyde

In the past I have made commits of which have been to the point. I hope the staff here will allow this to be posted. I believe it would say alot to the article and to our

well lets do the numbers,

We are to be covered as equal under the constitution…. Right?

The follow which I Have read… [“Brunswick and Wake, have been told they they will be arrested if they attempt to enter any such facility. Registrants are being told that they may evacuate to the lobby of their local jail. Registrants are being told that they will be separated from family members, including elderly parents and, one would assume, their children. In spite of numerous attempts, no one with any law enforcement or emergency management agency has been able to give NARSOL the name or location of any shelter where registered citizens will be allowed–other than jail lobbies. Wednesday, September 12, NARSOL issued this release demanding that the North Carolina governor order all shelters to admit all persons seeking safety from the storm.”]

now since we as Americans, are Equal and covered under Due Process of the law, then All funding for emergency services of which FUNDS $$$ FUNDS are to cover. In BRUNSWICK, 237 listed Offenders and in WAKE 709 listed Offenders.

Now the what the point is that They are to be in the lobby of the local jail. well I am a bit confuse because were I am from there is but only ONE JAIL and which be the country jail. The lobby well we then need to understand a from of standards, for the human as one need space, a report form the U N states 20 square meters of space.

but, ….it is a emergency,
At the beginning of an emergency, the aim should be to provide sufficient material to the refugees to allow them to construct their own shelter while meeting at least the minimum standards for floor space as follows: the times are a emergency, and Minimum 3.5 m2 11.4829 ft2 covered living space per person in tropical or warm climates, excluding cooking facilities or kitchen (it is assumed that cooking will take place outside). Minimum height of 2m / 6.56168 ft2 at the highest point.

Question is what the size of the lobbies?

the Jail Lobbies? what are there size? of which? at 3.5 m2 per :
BRUNSWICK of 237 to meet the standard is 829.5 m2 / 2721.4567 ft2
WAKE of 709 to meet the standard is 2467.5 m2 / 8095.47244 Ft2

now the next is rest room size.

Restroom Requirements for Commercial Buildings

1 additional toilet for each additional 40 employees. Note to Table F-2 of § 1915.88: When toilets will only be used by men, urinals may be provided instead of toilets, except that the number of toilets in such cases shall not be reduced to less than two-thirds of the minimum specified.
in this lobby,
BRUNSWICK of 237 to meet the standard is 829.5 m2 / 2721.4567 ft2 / must have a restroom of lease 6 working toilets with hand washing stations.
WAKE of 709 to meet the standard is 2467.5 m2 / 8095.47244 Ft2 / must have a restroom of lease 18 working toilets with hand washing stations. Is equipped with either hot and cold or lukewarm running water and soap, or with waterless skin-cleansing agents that are capable of disinfecting the skin or neutralizing the contaminants to which the employee may be exposed.

Since they will be staying a extended time of more that 3 days, showers are to be available with changing rooms, Changing rooms that provide privacy for each sex; and Storage facilities for street clothes, as well as separate storage facilities for protective clothing. the jail lobby would have to safe guard any valuable with the offender have taken with them as well.

Eating, drinking, and break areas. The jail staff must ensure that food, beverages, and tobacco products are not consumed or stored in any area where employees may be exposed to hazardous or toxic substances.
the Jails are to have food for which to feed them. remember it not a choice for the offenders, the jails are feeding their population on a reduced meal plan of two meals /day. which means, of a 3 to 5 day stay,
BRUNSWICK of 237 refugees sex offenders, 474 meals per day equaling 1422 to 2370 meals are to be added. $$$
WAKE of 709 of which, 1418 meals per day, equaling 4254 to 7090 meals.

Waste disposal. Vermin control.

It short… the counties would be open to a mess, a high cost and be subject to liable of any lost which the offender would have.

The Counties are not even able to order or demand anyone of which they can not take on the responsible of.