Reply To: NARSOL to North Carolina: Open emergency shelters to ALL

obvious answers

@David the ACLU is too busy supporting illegals who have trespassed , are burning the flag , selling drugs and murdering citizens to defend Americans on registry’s and marked for extermination… BUT on the bright side they do also have time to support the murder by dismemberment of millions of American children…..Both of these things are politically correct and pay lots of money…
It is simply money and prestige…people pay to support any criminal except you.,.There is not any money in defending sex offenders .. so they are not represented any more then must be and often in self destructive manners designed to fail. .
I promise you for a fact..If the ACLU thought it could make money or get fame from supporting American on registry’s marked for extinction you wold be off the registry years ago!
If it paid to support sex offenders there would not be a registry and there wouldn’t be any criminal laws……
ACLU and any one else simply could care less and will not care unless either :
1st) they join you on the registry’s (which will eventually happen) and by then it will be too late for anyone.
2nd) until it becomes popular or there is a large influx of money to represent sex offenders (will never happen)

Understand.. it is not about protecting children or we wouldn’t be murdering American children by tearing them apart in the womb ..If registry’s and offender laws were really designed to “protect children” we wouldn’t even have the debate about murdering children.. It is such a hypocritical joke its not even worth considering..