Reply To: NARSOL to North Carolina: Open emergency shelters to ALL

a friend of an offender

It’s time to file a lawsuit against the state of North Carolina. Take it all the way to the Supreme Court. Despicable.
I cry for my friend when I see all of the injustice out there. I know he made a mistake almost 2 decades ago but every time I read one of these types of articles or see people like that loathsome Olivia Munn on her own personal crusade for personal glory, I see an empty black hole. I am determined to help him live a normal life. I invite him to my friends home and my friends welcome him. My family welcomes him. They all know his story. They know how he was trashed in the press. My mother who came to this country 50 years ago feels that America has become “mentally ill” with this insane persecution. My friends feel that he was persecuted for his mistake. It was consensual relationship but she was under 18. In most of the countries in the world it would have been legal. Even many US states. She sued and won millions of dollars over a decade later. I bet if she couldn’t have sued for money she would have never come forward almost 15 years later. She even remained friends with him for several years after the relationship ended. How twisted is that?
I will speak out for my friend and for others. Once you have paid for what you have done, real or not, it is time to give you another change. So many people take plea deals because the current hysteria means you can’t risk a jury. Prosecutors that over charge. It is worse than the Salem Witch Trials. Heartbroken that our country has become a cesspool of hate and revenge. It’s time for it to stop. Know that you are not alone and the tide is and will continue to turn. Speak out and don’t let them railroad you or shame you. You have rights. DEMAND them.