Reply To: America’s Civil Death Penalty: The Sexual Offense Registry


I really didn’t want to touch on this death of a salesman crap as that is what all this boils down to. Its plain and simple man overpowering man via trhe computer age. If thats the way God Planed it than man doesn’t need anyhing to do with woman, kid or ortherwise. Now each of us have a story so who on the bright side of the mon wants to come to the winning solution.

Even human’s want to figure how “the day the earth stood still” and even people still dont’ know how the earth was formed and will try to prove by their “human logic”. I guess the death penalty is human logic. Was Hitler a human logic or a human force of one? Sure we could name all those in power for the death penalty

. We could name woman for bearing children. We could name adam for eating the fruit for knowing that eve was naked but can we all blame ourselves for someone’s greed or is the two wrongs don’t make a right tossed aside for the betterment of mankind? You know the gas chamber is a horrible way to die. I wouldnt’ knowit as I have never experienced it. What about the sex offender or the one that offends in any circumstances. wather it makes one remorse or makes a smile in others.

I wonder what human behavior is all about some selfish you play with yoru toys and I’ll play with mine. At times you all people on here want to be some Enstine and figure everything out but we can’t. So who gets the prize for being right of which thing is the death penalty.

Maybe the sex offender ordeal is a type of death penalty to some if one lets it be. Maybe not having contact with your Creator is a death penalty. Is killing a child a death penalty yes, killing another human is the harshest but remember their are many ways to kill and common logic about all this sex registry is one or should we discern each person we meet and greet.

I wonder who weeds out the good and the bad fellow today by there logic and principal today.