Reply To: NARSOL to North Carolina: Open emergency shelters to ALL


Dear JZ… whatever your situation here in Florida please don’t give up! They can take away everything but they can’t take our souls and dignity. You are in a place I was for many years. The longer the registrant the more you either get used to it or just give up. There is no middle ground. I choose therapy but that can be costly. Your church is a good place of solace. And I highly recommend FAC (Florida Action Committee) to get the help you may need. You are so correct in the fact laws need to be challenged and lawsuits are not cheap. Florida may turn Blue this next Election cycle and that would help in the fight against these insane laws. And as we know, Florida has the toughest sexual offender laws. I know right now its all seems like a lost cause, no hope and your life is over but in reality these unjust laws are made by politicians whom minds can be changed in a heartbeat so we must continue the aggressive fight for reformation. Hang in there man, you are not alone in that fight! JEV – True Confessions – NARSOL Digest