Reply To: “Sex offenders should be shot”


@Agent’s salary,
Over 11yrs. X $62,100 = 621,000+62,100+1,100=686,200. Better than 1\2 million career earnings for 1 agent supervisor. Not a bad gig, but isn’t this the kind of service one does for free? Considering its effectiveness I’d say over priced. Salaries differ, this was hers. There are several dozen agents in my state. One keeps his office in my city’s P&P address! NAW IT’S NOT LIKE P&P????? No affirmative restraint attached either?????????? I’ve no idea what he makes. I confronted him upon my dismissal from FTR probation. I told him to stay out of my business. I told him if a kid comes up missing I’m telling the feds or county sheriff that he himself had the missing kid. “Complain to the politicians.” He said . Suck air I said.