Reply To: NARSOL’S Vander Wall: “I want to be a conduit for change.”


The means justifying the end? I don’t understand that idea. I’m not sure that would be the way to look at any of this sex registry stuff. Do people always make excuses when they wrong others? Would the mean’s to lie to justify the end results be moral or a justified way of morallity and conduct. I guess the end’s would justify the mean’s if one was playing in the street and someone ran over them.

While people study to be in corrections and there are people that study to be lawyers, what are the goal’s of them, to make a difference for their fellow man. Now trumping one up goes a bit above the call. At times I dont’ understand this America with their voice of reasoning.

Tony this sex offender ordeal that a lot are going thru is big business. Sure we should all stand up but rebelling is not the way. Hey this ordeal that we all are going thru goes along with the abortions, sexual rights, homosexual rights, same sex marriages, etc, I’m sure many would say that those are not right or does the means justify the end results for those ordeals.

Now each person’s lifestyle are his or her business but the truth has to come out and thats why NARSOL and others are fighting for this cause. Yes you are right about beating on a keyboard or should we alljust writre a book about the corruptions of America. We could even start with the Civil war as I’m sure thats basic ground. Now we have the sex offender ordeal and Robin and others in these organizations are in there for you and me and others.

Sure I don’t want people to run over anyone but it seems that is what these internet ordeals are actually doing, and these self proclaimed police officers seemed to be doing their justice but who’s devilish scheme are they playing?. Believe it or not police officers are servants for good or should one dress up as tiny tim today. Forgive me Tiny Tim but we can all stand up and speak out for real justice and not some watered down Safety factor of their governmental agenda that is a pie in the sky theory instilled by government.

Myself as well as some others don’t even like war games and it appears that the registry is a type of a war game via a computer encounter in this day and age that is dirty and deceptive and yes we all should speak out. Let those that want to help use resources they have or should we all say once a sinner always a sinner. I guess that woudl be inhumane to say in this day and age