Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


I have to agree. go ole PSP will drag their feet as long as they can to keep us on the list. I wonder how long it will actually take for them to do my review? My info has not been online since Feb 14th. but my paperwork from my last visit states I have to visit at least yearly but, with 2 vehicles it’s more like 3. I shouldn’t even be on the list as my 10 yrs ended in 2017. PSP has drug it out to 2032 because of one of my charges being changed to 25 yrs due to snora. Muniz puts it back to 10 and off the list. Terry kicking PSP and PAG butt will be a glorious day. How many other cases are in the pipeline we don’t know about? When I was SCI Houtzdale we had a saying among my group. When wondering why or how the DOC could do something against the published rules is “Because They Can!” it would be months before things get overturned because of the system and they know it. So they do as they please.
You and your mom take note of what we are talking about here. Sometimes it may seem like we are complaining and we are. We have no other recourse as most people don’t care what happens to us “sex offenders” and are shocked that we have what we do have.
I hope you are getting some good info for your report.