Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


@ Mark
I think the General Assembly was upset that the Court found SORNA to be punitive and thus a violation of Ex Post Facto even though they expressly said it was Civil and thus immune to Ex Post Facto challenges.
This is the whole point the Ex Post Facto Claude was set up in the first place. Politicians bend to political will, and sometimes political will goes against what is fair and just. This is the entire reason Supreme Court Judges are appointed for life and don’t run for election. It is to keep them from being influenced by political issues and the abuse of a child is a political issue.
The General Assembly was so sure that the US Supreme Court was going to overturn the Pa Supreme Court. They were shocked when Cert was denied. I like how they say they wrote ACT 10 to “fix” Muniz as if “Muniz” was s bad opinion from the Court.