Sandy this hurricane scare threathens to do damage and they can be unpredictable at times, but this does make a good point about sex offenders left out in the cold so to speak. I guess sex offenders have to be seperated from the decent folks and their families in this situation. Guess someone never thought of that if something like this happens. I guess one could say, predicting safety in a hurricane ordeal. Sounds crazy to me. I guess county and state evacuation is out of the question if that happens.

A lot of this sex offender thing is wrong when a tragedy is about to hit a whole part of a state. Guess they will all round them up by a school buss and send them to jail or prison. Should the door to door curb service for sex offenders be inhumane in situations like this or is jails or prison’s the better option, but safety is safety when a hurricane is barreling down on one.