Reply To: How National Center for Missing Children exploits your fears


Great article! Has the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children been contacted or inquired about this article and a response to it?

The Walsh’s should have been charged and jailed for neglect and child endangerment for leaving Adam by himself unattended (any other “regular person would have”, of course). The Father should be rotting in jail for perversion of a minor while he himself an adult (google it up, he boasts about it too dating an underage). By the way, it was never a proven fact that Adam was sexually abused or taken by a “Sex Offender”. Side note: I guess is seen as OK or accepted when rich folks/celebrities/connected individuals date very young adults, with very older individuals like Hugh Heffner, Jay-Z, Kutchner and Demi Moore when they were dating and many many many others! But do not let “regular” people even speak of doing/thinking of such natural human behavior because, that makes you a pedophile, abuser, kidnapper, rapist. How?-some of you with sensible & logical minds might ask?…well, I am still trying to find a sensible logical, non-emotional non-fear mongering based answer to that “How?”.

Megan and Jacob Wetterling, their families have spoken about how the registry was intended for the worst of the worst, if they ever got to leave prison and be under strict requirements and monitoring. Not this manure it has become and so out of whack with a lust/thirst for power and to further diminish individuals’ worth to self and society in order to control.

Yes, what has happened to these kids, as it has happened to adults too (which no one seems to think of adults, for it is not seen as despicable of an act to adults by society, I get it) or anyone is unfortunate period! Just as things have happened since the existence of all life (meteor crashes, dinosaurs etc.) and specially, humans (you know, “intelligent” life). The question continues to be, when do we act sensibly and logical towards one another and with our human rules/laws. Acting on human emotions & fear can only work and take us for so long before destruction of ourselves personally, internally and as world societies.
…I worry I will never see such sensibility and logic!

Thank you Michael, NARSOL and everyone involved in making a difference and for your work. Just like in many places Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina etc. Pennsylvania is dragging their feet and listening to no one, not even the courts. I am a Pre-Sorna 2012 10 years original registrant from a Military Court conviction in 2003. Started PA registry in 2004 and I have still not received any relief under the Muniz PA Supreme Court decision. My case as that of others, does not get any more clear and cut than this and yet, no lawyer I have contacted out of 11 since last year wants to do the right thing of making the PSP review my file immediately and have me removed from this awful communist list by requiring payments to them of quotes between “$2500 to $7500”! Seriously, who as a registered person has that kind of money saved or otherwise available to them generally speaking? When it should have been as automatic as when they added without due process 5 more years retroactively!!! I have had no offenses since (and neither do I plan or wish to). I have had no problems with LEO’s until now. I and many paid their damn dues ten plus fold!!! Is no one listening???