Reply To: NARSOL’S Vander Wall: “I want to be a conduit for change.”


Actually Tony you have a good point and a redress of grivance does have a honorable way of showing proof & true justice. While one can base their actions on moral grounds or any grounds they want, These ordeals leave a moral conflict of interest which is dirty in itself. Here you have a police officer playing a teenage hooker and if you listen carefully one can tell how they use this ruse to con one into meeting. Teenagers don’t even do that right off the bat. I agree about abolishing a thing gray line of a lot of this malice registry as it only brings heartache to others by these greedy ordeals. One could also go with the adult chat sites vs teenage chat sites and who is caught up there but that woudln’t even work to justify anything.

Whether one has his or her belief’s or belief in government in these situations, where does the moral belief and understanding balance out in the scales of Justice? Sure one might go on religion but thats sort out the door in this day and age of Government. They don’t even recognize their God or where is moral ethics today. Caught up in some computer “Catch 22” ordal. One has to look at some of this sex registry gump as who’s corrupting today or are two wrongs making a right?

Sure a redress of grivance is great for anyone. Authorities will con one into a plea deal as they really don’t want one to take these situaqtions to court as its part of their greediness and deceitfulness. Tony dont’ think police officers are all “Honest Abe” types as they are dirty and they play dirty. Sure my court appointed lawyer backed out of my case and I was left hanging without representation so they conned me into a plea deal as a last resort ditch effort to keep these things from going to court. Small towns or large towns the government is still greedy and can overtake someone’s life and livelyhood if one lets them.

Sure I have faith but do I have faith in Government not when they pull these things. See if one has pictures and other sexual material on their computers that is how they can trap one, and even with the recordngs. People can tell you anything on the computer but when you go down to prove they are not who they are do the effects really justify the means. I wonder who entraps who with this two wrongs dont’ make a right. If thats the case just toss the good book away in society today. Its just government power abusing in certain circumstances.