Reply To: International Travel

a man without a country

You and me both. Earlier this year, I was denied boarding a flight (I don’t even live in the US anymore, haven’t in 15 years) because I would be TRANSITING that airline’s hub airport in another country on the way back to the US for a short stay. Since that date, I have constantly had to find excuses to tell my family here that ‘no, we’re not going to fly down to the beach from here” because they don’t know what happened nine years before and I am afraid of what will happen if, instead of flying solo, next time I try to take my new, post-probation family somewhere.
I got a Level 1 from my psychologist with a PhD in psychology when I finished probation 15 years ago. But a new post on a new article on the site here is too similar to mine, and I have to wonder if some nitwit (to be polite) whom I’ve never come in a thousand miles of has decided HE, in his cubicle, knows me and that I should be a level 3 because of the few facts about my story they know (even though there is a ton of other factual information that ought to be considered as part of the rating system).
I’m running out of steam with all of this.