Reply To: NARSOL in Action wrap-up: Colorado deregisgration


I prefer the term indenture. Administrative sure but that is work too when you sit on a bench or do para work. You describe affirmative disabilities but that purpose is disavowed by state as intent by preamble. You claim legal threat from FTR will not insue, I agree but that ignores travel demands. Facial recognition will alert the authorities or wannabes, and naturally stops to question will occur. HOAs will make their own rules and registrants will rejected under the table. The people pay for IDENTITY PROTECTION and BACKGROUND checks. I plead not guilty in every case and aspect!
Wisconsin Law on its face 301.45 (1g)a. rules me out by date but here I am.
ILL defies walking your dog in a PARK.
YOU THINK WE have a constitutional republic?
Being on probation for FTR made it unnecessary for me to register for life in IL.
I technically would have been forced to by IL law if I’d not been on WI probation.

Ironically some years ago by Wisconsin law SORAGENT would be the one on trial for DOCs disclosure. This is an absolute fact. Why? Constanteneau! You ever consider using states database to defend yourself by demanding trial in such a case? Why would I be afraid to? All state does or try is redact information, I want more or all as possible! I fired one lawyer for refusing to make a potential jury member the Forman, because she was admittedly a victim of sex assault. The court rejected her not me. She walked off humiliated and I felt terrible. So sick the debate concerning human sexuality and innuendo. Every Wisconsin election is impacted by the sex issue even supreme court. Walker V Evers a prime current example. Mean and nasty as our lewdership. A man knows what he prefers and she ain’t it! Even if it pisses her off! Don’t blame I’m only the messenger. Yes I’d call her to the stand again if necessary.