Reply To: NARSOL in Action wrap-up: Colorado deregisgration


What Mr. Roberts labeled as “registration” was in fact plain indenture. It also collateralized, by civil declaration in Smith V Doe, certain other gov uses of the device, THE DATABASE(S) as ‘civil.’

The first massive infrastructure was built where? Not in D.C., Arlington, or Manassas. ANGEL WATCH is housed where? Grady 1 SBM a search, Grady II SBM are continuous electronic searches. DUH!

Scapegoats for Surveillance Saints. Opting for electronic convenience has intrinsic negative consequences. Online bankers risk period. The two parties will continue to blame foreign influence for their failures.

That’s what happens when you buy your friends and make promises you cannot keep. 24.5 Trillion (1T = 1,000B)÷ 50.
20B per annum paid in interest by each state to maintain that debt. Inflation is coming. FUBAR!