Reply To: NARSOL’S Vander Wall: “I want to be a conduit for change.”



Very well written Robin! Looking back to when all this started to happen with my grandson, us older folks all thought he would get a slap on the wrist. Meaning a fine, what the SOL’s have done is turn consensual relationships into sex crimes. This is for doing what I would say was normal when I grew up. The thing that make it a crime now days is that they have an age factor, and lot of other things rolled up in one, and we call it RAPE. They don’t look at the facts or listen to what truly happened. Everyone matures differently it is not an age, it is growth hormones as well as sex hormones. This along with other things. It use to be where you lived, and who you ran around with. The sex hormones do not just happen to the fellows, the females actually mature before the boys. That is what makes everyone unique. What I have noticed is how the people high up have influence the younger people to think that this is a crime. It is not sex protection classes anymore, it is rape classes!