Reply To: NARSOL’S Vander Wall: “I want to be a conduit for change.”


Robin, I wish you hadn’t of posted my comment, because I was wrong and you were right. Course I have said I’d rather be wrong on here than right. I was thrown off a bit by the word reforming the punitive sex offender laws. Now how can anyone reform something that is already formed? Almost like a pandora’s box like you have said. but even the riddle of the sphinx was solved to an extent.

Sure I wish they had something like this JLUSA thing back in the late 70’s when I was studying my chriminal Justice Courses but I lost interest after a two year study and decided to venture other avenues
Now prisons are overcrowded and they were in the 70’s also but now with computers and this sex offender issue its a maze of terror as anyone, and one doesn’t care if your a congressman or Precher or just the average person or teenager, one can get into an ordeal like this ordeal.

Course I don’t mind what police do, but I did mind the way they do it. In many of these ordeals I just wonder who’s authority they are going above which takes advantage of a lot of people. Yes that will cause a downfall to a lot of this sex offender issues. I’m sure a lot on here will agree to that. Guess we all should go back to the old movies and watch ” The spy who loved me” and “All the presidents men” and than found out if truth stranger than fiction. Could one really say all this is under a guise of public safety.

To give one an example of how these laws ot “Balloon laws” are bent out of shape image a balloon animal that you can twist it in to form or reform into all shapes and each twist or shape is a law or restriction. Yes congress can take pride in coming up with that law or restriction to disadvantage one. Now imagine law enforcement wanting to get another feather in his or her cap. Is one really enforcing public safety or just being Salient in this angle with the tool of sex as the common denomatior in a lot of this punitive mess. Thought provoking isn’t it.