Reply To: NARSOL’S Vander Wall: “I want to be a conduit for change.”


a man without a country

Very sorry for your story. Similar to mine in many respects. To me, this type of story is the kind that is hardest to get people to understand. It’s the law of thirds in a way: one third of the people have no experience of what you’re going through and thus cannot understand; one third of the people are like the girl’s mother (or my “victim’s” mother, someone with an axe to grind; and one third of the people are our fellows in here, who know what it’s like to be railroaded and have to be repeatedly bashed by the other two thirds who don’t want to give up their false narrative (namely that SOME tweens and early teens can be quite “forward.”
If the monitors will allow it, let me direct you to a blog I wrote over in the Tales from the Registry part of the website…
I hope you can find something in what I’ve written that will help you feel like you’ve got someone who understands and help you keep your feet on the ground instead of being blown away in the tornado.