Reply To: NARSOL’S Vander Wall: “I want to be a conduit for change.”


Guys and gals come on give Robin a break. We all go thru trials and tribulations in life. If one is married they go thru this with their son’s or daughters at times. For anyone coming out of prison doing a conversion to a different denomination and having his eyes open well something one has to go thru the flames of hell to understand about all this type of ordeal. It is not like some simple assult or drunk driving offense. I’m going thru a veery simple ordeal but intimidation does get to the best of people and they don’t want these things in court as most are a no contest game if you want to plea about it. Facts can be misleading can’t they.

Now one of you guys up there said the registry should be abolished, one would have to do some rashional thinking on that. A conduit for change and yes that is what all of us in all states should be imspired to do. If we wanted the registry to be abolished or reformed what would you want it to be called.. A no tresspassing registry or a don’t have a filthy in congress registry or one could even go farther than that with a no one that does the hanky panky registry according to the blue book of law.

As I mentioned in another post a lot of us got sucked into a lot of this mess but than again a lot of us didn’t. I guess before the sex registry a rapist was a rapist and could still work anywhere they wanted to without discrimination. Even Glen and some of you others mentioned that. The main goal of any organization is to be positive and strive. Religon or denomination doesn’t matter as everyone can get up in the air on that , but its about true principals and I hope its not in the polices’ little black book about talking to fake moon maidens.