Reply To: NARSOL’S Vander Wall: “I want to be a conduit for change.”


I am in full agreement with your agenda. I oppose the registry, and have never seen it as a benefit to anyone. Society as a whole can never convince anyone that it saved one person from sexual assault… or any assault for that matter. The FACTs do not lie. I challenge anyone to Google or research this FACT for themselves. Only people lie. Why should we as tax payers be forced to support this program (Sex Offender Registry- SOR) that does little more than identify people convicted of an offense that was brought into a court of law where a story was created by people who could care less if the evidence was real or not, that a crime actually ever occurred or not. Our justice system preys on drama of any form. People do not have the resources or ability to prove their innocence, and this is a true hinderance in honesty. Let’s all agree, everyone identified as a sex offender is guilty! OK everyone is guilty as charged. The sex offender registry has never stopped it from happening. Why do we waste billions of dollars by allowing our legislation to put the sex offender registry in place? At best, the sex offender registry takes up a place on the internet for people who have nothing better to do, than search out other people they need to make themselves feel good about the non-marital affairs they have, the promiscuous lifestyles they live, and the immorality they live by. Ouch! Good morally conservative people don’t have time for that kind of nonsense. Only drama seekers. Honestly, who benefits in any rational way by the tragedies of offenses that may or may not have occurred based on the sex offender registry. The offender doesn’t. The victim doesn’t. It is a constant reminder to the victim and the registrant. Nothing more. The registry offends the innocent (victim) and the accused alike. This goes beyond the registry to all family members, associates, friends and colleges of the victim and offender. The stigma, prejudice, and injustice the sex offender registry has and continues to create, is not equality of life and liberty to everyone associated by it or through it. Abolishing this atrocity is freedom, equality of life, and justice for all associated by it. We as a people and nation are above this, and need to stand up for the rights of everyone. Any other offense regardless of aggravation or nature don’t carry the weight in severity of penalty beyond prison. Something is gravely wrong with this point of view. Wrong is wrong. Once someone has paid society’s debt for violation of any offense. Restoration as a citizen with full capacity to be just that is justice served.