Reply To: Scene with actor/registered sexual offender ordered cut from film


B. Webb

I have always watched the Predator movies, since the first, this one I will skip. It is a shame that people even after serving time, or probation/parole, they still are treated like lepers. I have two daughters that were sexually assaulted, I could hate persons convicted of sex offenses, but I believe that is wrong. My youngest child was groomed starting at age 13, she was assaulted at age 15, I know they have both been through a lot, but I was so proud of my youngest when she walked out of her Criminal Justice Class in protest of the sex offender laws. She believes that there should be forgiveness, and that once they have served their time it should be done. These punishments, laws and restrictions are so over zealous, and so desperately need to be reformed. It always saddens me to read articles like the one mentioned above.