Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


Actually butler may not win, my attorney said he may not win, I can’t rememebr exactly what he said but it made sense what he said about the butler case, I wish I could remember but I just can’t.
Well 8th grade kid, I hope we don’t strike fear into you like the government wants to happen, As you know that your cousin is not a monster either, not sure what he she was convicted of, I would be more afraid of what the government will do then us harmless flys, seeing we are a bunch of offenders here and have been on this site for a couple years, pretty funny with this so called high recidivism study’s going around that for the last two years we’ve been going through the Muniz case no one on here has recidivated, I know this because we would no longer be posting on here, we would be sitting in a jail cell, Recidivism means repeating or commiting a similar crime in case you don’t understand.
My advise to you is walk a streigt line in life, don’t get in trouble, don’t watch porn, make sure you get a persons identification if your over 18 and decide to pursue a relationship, always make sure they are over 18 if you are, better yet don’t have intercorse until you get married, don’t get sucked into peer pressure, don’t use drugs and acohal, don’t steel, don’t cheat, obide by all laws, local and federal, no matter what anyone says, you could get in trouble when your 19like I did and pay for it for literally the rest of your life, good luck.