Reply To: Scene with actor/registered sexual offender ordered cut from film


Well I am finely glad NARSOL opened up this article as it says a lot to the people that are wrapped up in situations like this. It also tells one about justice and how justice can run amuck and that is why people should look for true justice in these types of ordeals. Sure we could all use Mark Twain’s “Truth is stranger than fiction but true justice is not a fictious game of tagg.

We could even go with a movie, All the president’s men but I’m sure one couldn’t honesty get “Honest Abe” to play the part. Sure one should be ashamed of American Government to put barriers on people in these types of ordeals. Sure one is talking about actors. While I have my attempted indecent liberties and using a computer to solicit a child it seems odd that one was the actor and the other was the fall guy. Well thats America folks but we all can make a difference and thats what NARSOL has been striving to do by help others as we all look for change.

Sure these ordeals take on different processes but the real party is the operator that sets these things in motion to entice. I wonder how someone can take indecent liberties on someone that wanted to take advantage of one in this type of fake justice via a computer.