Reply To: NARSOL in Action wrap-up: Colorado deregisgration

Timothy D A Lawver

Anyone who claims success via deregistration claims an empty win. There are at least 100 private sex offender databases owned by firms like offender watch.
Anyone deregistered will remain on state systems aswell, but not suffer public display on state’s Sorna sites. One may claim the 5k a worthwhile investment but if a kid comes up missing near you, expect LEO to visit you anyway.

@Tiered system, Tyranny V Tierany same same. No one can be sure how the 10th will rule, but I think the 10th may affirm part and reject in part. Either way SCOTUS will decline as in Michigan. Our FED has no reason to restrict and\or limit database use by states to protect the public. To do so would impact the federal ‘s basis for USE.