Reply To: NARSOL to GoFundMe: Take down that campaign



I also have a black powder “assortment”. When I was first charged with my offense, back 17 years ago, I was quite the gun collector. I grew up hunting, was ex military, etc. I had to transfer all my inherited cartridge guns to my brother.

I was very concerned about loosing my 2nd ammendment rights and ability to hunt. But after research, I did find I was able to have blackpowder arms. At first, I was not very excited about it, but after experiencing them I found I love them. I have a couple of 12 guage side by side shotguns for bird hunting, a couple of rifles good to 200 yds for deer hunting, and a couple of 44 cap and ball revolvers – a 1858 remington, and a 51 yank snubnose with birdshead grips. They are slower to reload, however, i actually enjoy them more than cartridge guns now. I can grouse, quail, dove, and rabbit hunt again with my German shorthaired pointer. And, pray I never need too…I have the ability to defend myself and my family.

Just a question though, do you catch much flak or questions from officers when they see your signs?