Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


September 22, 2017 at 8:22 am Reply #21960 by terry brunson

“The people who are at the PSP and the AG offices are afraid of Ghost and they are donw on what they should be up on – Their oath to protect and serve all people’s rights. . . . . .

PSP and AG minister are like bullies. . . . .

They are bothering you because you are the little guy. . . . .

But you have big brothers – and your big brothers will deal with the bullies in due time. . . . . Wait until 19 October 2017 and you will see the light that Muniz and Jackson v. commomwealth of July 7, 2016 all the big brother protections will come to your aid. . . . Please trust that the little guy is not left out. You may feel that way because you cannot see all that is going on – but know this: people are thinking about your rights.

I am one of them. . . . and I am one of many that you cannot count. . Hold on don’t give up – – – – – help is on the way . . . . .”

…You may or may not remember your post, but it was your words at the end of what I quoted that caused me to cry far more than when I received my Eagle, Globe and Anchor in 2002 and almost as much as I did when I first heard my child’s cry after being born while I was serving this Country and protecting millions of lives.

I am not a praying man, but I continue to wish well in health & life to you Sir. Our fate in Pennsylvania rests in your hands. Thank you terry brunson. 🙂

P.s Glad to know that Chuck is a Moderator for NARSOL and Brian has been removed of the registry after paying for a lawyer. It is unfortunate that is the only way for a chance to so many without income or dwelling of their own. Even after the laws we are supposed to obey are not followed by the creators. Anyhow, I wrote this since I had a chance. I am serving a 30 months sentence for Child Support court payment violation (How can I pay if no one is hiring me to earn the money to pay, right?…well, not to the courts) and have a felony charge pending upon release for violating SORNA time frame compliance for registering a location while being incarcerated (How can I register within 36 hours if I am not let to do so even after telling officials?). My health has drastically dropped to near severe levels. I know I will not make it much further, but I hope, for that is all I can any longer do, that this laws get reformed or dismantled for the sake of future generations and the survival of this Society.

Blessing to all! 🙂