Reply To: 2 years later, still no action on Michigan’s Sex Offense Registry


@Josh, well I went into my local cop shop yesterday, and gave the clerk a copy of that memerandum. She did take it the back to aks some one about it. She came back a few minutes later, and said she couldn’t find the Cheif or the Sargent, but she did as if she could make a copy to show them later, I told her to keep it, Because I had more copies at home. So will see what happens from here, she is a new clerk, only been at our local station for a few months now, but she definitely knows about does v Snyder and knows about the 6th Circuit’s ruling. She didn’t ask me any questions, about my status, just asked if any thing has changed since I was last in back in June. I said everything is the same, she took about 5 minutes to to do what she needed to do, and I was out the door. Now just waiting for October, and to see what Judge Cleland decides on the Class Action Lawsuit.