Reply To: Illinois appeals court finds sex offender registration requirement too harsh


Need some help here and can’t find answers anywhere on the net.

I’m required to register in California. Under current law I’m to register annual within 5 working days of my birthday. This statue means with Aug 28th beijg my birthday the timeline to register and remain compliant is 8/22/18-9/4/18.

Despite 5 calls with messages left to schedule my appointment as I have since 1995, none of my calls have been returned. I called the administration Dept who also couldn’t reach the appropriate person to schedule. As of now I’m non compliant. However, this isn’t because I’ve failed to comply. So what can I do here? In 24 yrs, 4 jurisdictions and 2 states I’ve never had issue. I fear my freedom here and don’t know what to do!