Reply To: The cost of speaking good of a convicted sexual offender


If defeating sexual abuse is the actual goal the answers are cultural in nature. Law has always failed an peoples have tried many other approaches. The regime(s) was yet another mousetrap,[ solely aimed at a sub-set of male on male “violence.” ]
& applied on everyone at once, without meaningful process, including the previously disposed. Similar to the pre-existing conditions insurance firms use to their profit advantage. Same kind of thing: Using pre-existing conditions against individual liberty. Clearly a real problem exists, and so states move to prevent by attached law, that does little to improve conditions because it’s aim is predominantly reacting to what has already occurred. Registrants are forbidden from FB, essentially because parents can not keep their children out of the street!
FB doesn’t advertise themselves as ‘the street’ but letting your child on the platforms brings with it more danger than the street itself. It’s difficult for most parents to tell their children ‘no’ hence they play in the street.

It’s the same victimstance culture we saw after hurricane Irene, where some old folks in a Florida died from the heat and no air conditioning. Their children file suit claiming neglect while they’d put their parents their in the first place and continued to knowing a hurricane was coming. Utter madness!