Reply To: NARSOL to GoFundMe: Take down that campaign

PA Priest that is Holier than all

Larry Stephen Evans, you have been extremely blessed that you have not caught a bullet, knife, or other blunt object by your attackers in any of your 5 confrontations or even after by angry family members or friends, which is why I have refrained from ever physically defending myself. Dont know how long that will last though for it has been nearly 25 yeras of abuse at all levels imaginable, but whatever, we are not even people just like the slaves were nothing except property upon the founding of this shameful “greatest” country in the world.

By the way… on the news…

Chinese billionaire Liu of arrested in Minneapolis
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Chinese billionaire Liu Qiangdong, also known as Richard Liu, the founder of the Beijing-based e-commerce site, was arrested in Minneapolis on suspicion of criminal sexual conduct, jail records show.

Liu, 45, was arrested late Friday night and released Saturday afternoon pending possible criminal charges, Hennepin County Jail records show. The jail records don’t provide details of the alleged incident.