Reply To: NARSOL to GoFundMe: Take down that campaign


Sandy Rozek

I don’t disagree with anything Fred has said.
I have said in several places that to place a complaint that has a chance of being listened to, the claim must be that it is fraudulent. In my opinion, it is perpetuating a fraud to present someone who has illegally and violently attacked another person as a hero BECAUSE he illegally and violently attacked another person.

I have just read something that intersects with another issue I am following, the risk one takes for speaking at a sentencing hearing in support of a person convicted of a sexual crime. Smith said that what enraged him to the extent that he assaulted Briggs was hearing a witness at the sentencing hearing say something favorable about Briggs.

I guess that anyone giving testimony favorable to a convicted sexual offender at a hearing now must consider the possibility of losing his job AND being physically assaulted. Smith could have gone for the witness instead of Briggs.