Reply To: NARSOL to GoFundMe: Take down that campaign


In response to Paul, Yes we can have guns! Primitive fire arms, Black Powder pistols and rifles. I have a few 44 caliber army revolvers and a 50 cal rifle. Both black powder and legal for ANYONE to own. I also have a sign on my property that says ” You are entering an Armed citizens property. Enter unannounced at your own risk.” There are many ways to defend ourselves. Be ready for anything, be able to defend yourself, don’t be afraid of anyone and have a plan to do this. We cant rely on the police or courts to do anything because even if they want to help their hands are tied by the public and they are more worried about looking good to the misinformed public so they don’t get voted out. This government did the same thing to the Native Americans and African Americans, Japanese and now are paying billions in restitution to all, research it. We will be next in line for this restitution but will take a while. This country has always had a need to step on people and have a reason to bully people they don’t understand and right now it is us. Stand Up And Protect Yourself! If someone jumps over a courtroom wall and tries to pummel you TAKE THEM DOWN! Don’t lie there and take it. This is my advice and what I do because I don’t rely on any person but myself. Time to fight back in a reliable way DEFENCE!