Reply To: Illinois appeals court finds sex offender registration requirement too harsh


When I was in sex offender treatment, I facetiously said that people who were continually charged with DUI should be on a registry because they are a danger to the community and it’s children. Drunk drivers could kill them. The counselor told me sex abuse was worse than death. I am no longer on the registry thanks to the Muniz ruling by the PA Supreme Court. It’s a sad commentary that I feel better about myself since getting off and my neighbors are friendlier even though I am still convicted of the offense and I am the same person. I still support the change of these overreaching laws that will not allow people convicted of sex offenses to be rehabilitated and move on with their lives. Sex offender parole is the most difficult and people who survive it have accomplished quite a feat. The PO’s try their damdest to get your parole revoked. So hang in their and keep fighting these oppressive rules.