Reply To: NARSOL to GoFundMe: Take down that campaign

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What causes this to happen?

The media.

They sensationalize sex offenses because the public has a sick fascination with it. Guilt or innocence are meaningless to those conditioned to find monsters around every corner. They have a ‘look’ according to the brainwashed. When I was in prison, I was targeted more than once because of my appearance. I once asked another inmate why I was being singled out. He said: “Because you LOOK like a sex offender.” (He used a different term for ‘sex offender’. But, I’m not going to repeat it here because it’s vile.)

So, when a brainwashed person like the assaulter sees someone in court being convicted, his first reaction is to attack. It doesn’t matter if the guy is innocent or guilty. The decision is quick and without thought.

I blame the media for it as well as the government who profit from it. They perpetuate the moral panic and public paranoia by reporting on sex offenses constantly for ratings. In my state, our news has a sex offense story 5-6 nights a week. One time, when I was still watching the local news, I saw them report on the same school bus driver who got caught with child pornography 5 times that week. They ran the same story every single night. I was in prison at the time and stuck in a big room with other inmates while they were running that story. They all knew what I was in for : the same thing the bus driver allegedly did. So, all eyes would turn toward me. If they could get away with it, they would have tortured and killed me. Of that, I have absolutely no doubt. I didn’t do what I was convicted of. But, that didn’t matter. The media controlled how they thought.

It took me 5 years after being paroled to stop having nightmares several times a week about prison. They were usually about the same thing: being put back in prison and not being told why.