Reply To: NARSOL responds to untruths posted on Twitter


OK seems everybody wants honesty and truth on here. Maybe I shouldn’t be the one to give honestly and truth and let those on here give honesty and truth. I’ve been on here a long while and I’ve even had my run arounds with Ma Barker and my friend Maestro but the common truth is a lot of us were sucked in with a lot of this ordeal.

Now Brenda Jones has her rights to say we don’t talk about relgion and she does have a point. While this is not about reliegon per say it is about principal. One person on here said what is NARSOL doing, another wants to get justice so I guess people in hell need icewater. Come on get with the program people. So should we all talk about sex or sin. I don’t want to but here is the facts and you deduce from their.
Abusive authority is the improper use of authority. Its like Sin, its a distortion. It takes something good and God- ordained and uses it improperly. Can we all say via the internet in many of these transparent cases.Now in order to understand the bad version one should understand the good verson. Should we all understand all this or do we predict of some future events. The invent of the internet is a tight rope when these things come up. If one is going to predict they might as well predict the whole of America. Sure we could take old testaments and all were guilty. Yes we are under new and there are principals and doctrines that police seem to over look when they over presure, use cohesion and instill in other peoples minds. Do they want to make their own laws.

I wonder honestly, when talking to ones detective that night dd anyone said to them you don’t know my thoughts or you don’t know my intent. I wonder how I came up with that. I don’t think it was from reading some Archie Comics. Now the machanics and principals are to understand basic principals if you put them into real use and we do have enough problems in this world to not understand basic ture principals. Sometimes I still wonder why Lincoln freed the slaves or who’s fighting the civil war today.