Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


I just find everything interesting. The issue is that there are those in society that do not understand how easily it is to be out on the registry This also don’t understand the concept of justice means punishing and then forgiving. If you banish everyone from good paying jobs, how are they suppose to move on with their lives. One gentlemen told me the other day that sex offenders are NOT meant to belong to society after being released. Ok, how are they suppose to live then? His answer was “that’s not my problem” it is your problem IF you are saying they can’t live in society.
From what I understand Aaron Marcus was quoting a court case that explicitly said re-enactment was ok as long as every word was used. Even IF this is true, we still have the ex post facto question to solve. I don’t think after the current registry (Muniz) was deemed punishment you can claim the new version (Act 10 of 2018) is civil even though it is more restrictive than the version that was deemed punishment (Muniz).
I can’t wsit until the registry is deemed illegal due to being cruel and unusual.