Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued



One would think if the registery were civil and none punitive and the general assembly is claiming ,then why oh why would the lower courts in cumberland county and PASC have ruled on Muniz, Derhammer and the rest as a violation of the Pennsylvania and Federal constitution. The general assembly just won’t ever give up, no other class of criminal has to undergo this amount of punishment and banishment from society for the rest of they’re lives, I don’t know how many years Arron Marcus has of experience doing this, no offense to him when saying this though, he is a public defender, not that public defenders don’t know anything I just think that he may not have the experience as a long term defense attorney and he definitely doesn’t have an aggressive approach when dealing with Masico, just my opinion, my Attorney was pretty intimidating to the DA and they obviously didn’t want a court fight, my old attorney was a pushover and they were just walking all over him, they knew once I hired this guy not to mess with him, anyway like you say chuck, we shall see and hope we don’t have to deal with this bs again. I could be completely wrong about Marcus though,