Reply To: “Sex offenders should be shot”

Timothy lawver

I’d put it to every U.S. Felon 65-75 million. Sometimes ya just gotta serve notice to the elites that the people are watching. I don’t buy Mr. Kennedy’s excuse. “,We could not have anticipated………….ubiquitous….” Bull! J. P. Stevens could and did!

It’s too late now though the dye has been caste very much in favor of the ultra-,right conservatives. Some of which reside in Saratoga Springs Utah. Sex is solely reserved for marriage, gee which evangelical groups demands that?
NO INFORMATION ON ANY DATABASE is secure, that’s why people are spending money to protect their identity. DOE indeed through open the door to unfettered gov’t USE of the database and liberty has indeed suffered. The choice they made led directly to arson, murder, and vigilantism. WILL THEY BE HELD RESPONSIBLE?
NOT LIKELY, they are the elites and they live above the reach of law.