Reply To: The cost of speaking good of a convicted sexual offender


Timothy Lawvdr

Well I agree it looks like a witch hunt, and folks do discard those connected to registrants. All of which comes along with the General Warrant but there is something else afoot here. I’ve come to realize it’s a political effort, a very dark one. The people are being subjected to propaganda, but to what goal or end? The whole regime has not provided real safety, so which groups benefit? It’s getting low down and dirty now. My States Governor election is this term. We have the incumbent Scott Walker v Tony Evers. Evers a Dem is under attack from Republican PACs TV commercial (on WMSN) insinuation that he protected teachers who’ve molested children, ” leaving children unprotected. ” I called the General manager of the station to confront the sleezyness of the ad. The GM told me that she’d no control because of some FCC rule. So even this really bad propaganda gets played over and over and over. HOW LOW DOES IT GO? I’m no Democrat, far from it, but the tact being taken by republicans pacs make me sick. WIN AT ALL COSTS repugnant!