Reply To: 2 years later, still no action on Michigan’s Sex Offense Registry


I can’t find anywhere in all the things I’ve read that says that the decision applies only to the six original plaintiffs….the person who responded to you has to say that….because that’s the legal position the state has apparently taken…but why put out a memorandum to all MDOC saying seems like a major contradiction and I wonder if somebody jumped the gun by putting it out there. I’ve noticed changes already from my local law enforcement in regards to compliance checks and verification visits in a positive way. I think the state knows it’s going to lose in October and used the election year as a excuse. There’s also the $$$$ aspect to all this….the state didn’t want to miss out on the $50 fee from each of us registrants that we have to pay for the “privilege” of being on their bullshit Registry..not to mention the federal funding that would be pulled when a quarter to a third of the registry would be wiped out…