Reply To: The real danger in stranger-danger


While I don’t watch or check out Lenore blog that much, she was voted at one time worlds worst mom but do we always judge a book by its cover. While their are many seneiro’s that could of happened it seems the public was worse as the mom. So should we all say stranger danger. It depends on the situation. Even women and men meet could turn on one in a minute let alone the relationships of age groups.

Look at these internet things and how some of those go. Should we all avoid women or the people we confront? I don’t think we have to go that far. Of course when police is involved they seem to want to lay down the rules of who you can talk to and who you can’t. Church one might as well forget about that.
I didn’t really learn stranger danger growing up in the lat 50’s or early 60’s. Yes,ttacks could come by anyone today, from these internet encounters to these actual physical encounter or the girl getting upset with her lover or sposual abuse.

One can’t judge people just because they don’t have their hat on straight or ears open. Now kids should be response for themself and show some responsible just like adults. Remember someone once said it takes two to tango.

Now abuse is abuse. Even those people in india that were attacted and abused. Was there a reason behind this racism thing. Are we all getting to a degree of hate crimes such as they dabbed Lenore or do we dab things sex crimes If it had been a girl would it have been a different circumstance all together. See there ya go so who’s the judge. I wonder who actually picks up children and turns them into sex slaves or traffic’s them today.In big city’s this might actually happen but speculating is a who different ballgame. Should we all be talking about prostitution than. I am sure those in social circles wanted to bust Lenore at that time her kid in NY rode the subway by himself.

Was it a learning lesson yet to be understood by others. Safeguarding is good but it can also go and be stretched to the limits. Maybe Lenore should of gave her child a can of mace when he ventured out just in case something should of happened. or maybe we should just spray our PO with a can of mace when they come to visit or put a muzzle on them, and remember we have the right to remain silent.