Reply To: NARSOL joins Tenth Circuit case challenging license requirement

Ray Neal Carney

I am encouraged to see so much support and passion on this issue. I would like to thank NARSOL and OK Voices for their support in my case. I am, to say the least, disappointed in the Courts decision. I have since been released from prison and have the dreaded, branded drivers license. A few things I would point out about the decision: first, the Court left open the possibility of an equal protection challenge under a different state of facts; second, and perhaps more importantly, the Court declined to address the issue of free speech. Therefore this issue is still ripe for judicial review (though I would probably face procedural issues if I tried to address it). In addition, as stated in my initial brief the dicta of the Oklahoma Supreme Court gives indications that it would rule favorably if any one of these issues (namely the cruel & unusual position) came before them. I would encourage any registered sex offender in Oklahoma to consult an attorney and discuss options to challenge this law. We must all work together. We must make our voices heard.